We enhance, develop, implement and communicate prevention and awareness programs in mitigation of risks associated with unethical or immoral behaviours and/or practices.


Organizations should establish and communicate a ethics violation and fraud risk prevention program that demonstrates the expectations of the board of directors and senior management as well as their commitment to high levels of integrity and ethical values with regards to the management of ethics and fraud risk.


Fraud prevention activities should therefore be aimed at creating fraud awareness, and the education of employees, senior management, executives, board members, shareholders and other business partners with regards to the organisational ethics and fraud risk management compliance culture and expected behaviours.


Awareness practices should also effectively communicate the organisational ethics - compliance tone at the top, and tolerance levels, and where ambiguity exists, or staff and business partners are ignorant with regards to Fraud Risk Management practices, and/or the organisational ethical cultures, awareness education should be offered to all staff and business partners.


Fraud risk strategies should be aligned with the organisational risk profile and should display a zero tolerance towards fraudulent activities as defined in the organisation’s Fraud Risk Policies, code of conduct and other ethics related practices.



Our prevention services


  • Strategic implementation of FRM
  • Policies, procedures and practices
  • Awareness programs
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • Managing Compliance Due diligence
  • Managing Gifts, Hospitality
  • Manage sponsored travel
  • Manage Code of Conduct compliance
  • Monitor high risk staff rotation
  • Measure the organisational ethics culture