We need to know who we engage in business with: Our business partners can be our greatest allies in creating a profitable and sustainable business environment, but equally, the same business partners may also be our greatest risk. Do not engage in business with at-risk partners.


Non-compliance and or improper practices by your business partners may implicate you by association, tainting lucrative compliant business practices, unless you identify these risks in advance, and mitigate your own exposure.


The due diligence database utilised by ERS, covers more than 1.4 Million Politically Exposed Persons “PEP” profiles, 1.2 Million Sanction profiles and 400,000 adverse media links across the Globe. 


Employee Verification


Employees will always be one of your greatest assets, but employees are also one of an organisation’s greatest threats or risks. Employing an individual may pose countless risks, including but not limited to habitual harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, and other forms of misconduct, including fraud, corruption, bribery theft, misappropriation and much more that he may not disclose.


Placing or recruiting an employee into any position may put the organisation in harm’s way and may result in financial or reputational prejudice. Let us support you in mitigating this risk through verification and assessment.



Why Due Diligence