Organisational Reporting

Reported incidents and/or allegations of wrongdoing will be reported to the assigned individual within the impacted organisation. Each organisation shall appoint a key contact person (senior manager), or ethics committee who will receive and deal with reported incidents. These individuals shall not be in the direct reporting line of the department impacted by the reported incident, and shall be independent from the specific process. All reported incidents should be investigated, and feedback should be provided by the organisation with regards to the progress, and outcome of the action initiated in response to the reported incident. The feedback letter may be channeled through the online reporting tool by EthixRisk Services.

The reporting person should inform EthixRisk vide the reporting form of any actual, potential, and/or perceived conflicts of interest associated with the reported incident. Such declaration will enable EthixRisk to inform the recipient of limitations, and conflicts of interest situations that may potentially influence the outcome of the matter.