Although EthixRisk Services (Pty)Ltd (hereinafter called "EthixRisk") have entered into an agreement with the impacted organisation, or may enter into a disclosure agreement with an organisation impacted by an incident report made at random, no confidential information will be shared that may provide reference to the reporting individual's identity, unless authorised to do so by the reporting person. EthixRisk will at all times act as an independent recipient of incident reports and subject clarifications, and all engagements, communications and interactions with client organisations will be free from influence or pressures exerted by the impacted organisation (client organisation).

All "incident reports" or "subject clarifications" excluding "personal information" that may lead to the exposure of the individual will be disclosed to the impacted organisations in writing. The incident related information shared with the recipient entity will be limited to the factual information received as published by the reporting person vide the "Incident Report Form" or "Subject Clarification Form".

All content is password protected and may only be accessed by registered users and EthixRisk staff responsible for the tracking and follow-up of reported incidents, and/or subject clarifications.

Some organisations prohibit anonymous disclosures: In these instances, such information should be made known to employees in advance. EthixRisk promotes both disclosed and undisclosed identity reporting, considering that all incident reports and subject clarifications are made in good faith, and is truthful. Malicious reporting will not be entertained. Read more about disclosed and undisclosed identity reporting.

The Protected Disclosures Act, Act 26 of 2000 introduces a number of provisions, placing certain obligations on both whistleblowers and employers. If this reporting platform had been assigned for the receipt of whistle-blower reports by your organisation, reports made to EthixRisk Services (Pty) ltd should be protected as contemplated by the Protected Disclosures Act.

The Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008, Section 159 (Protection of Whistleblowers; item 7) prescribes that public and state owned entities shall directly and indirectly establish and maintain a system to receive disclosures on a confidential basis, and further ads that the entities should act on the disclosures, and in addition shall also make it known that they do have such reporting processes in place to be used by pros[ective whistle-blowers.