Additional Information

When you report an incident or dilemma, or just pose a question; whether through the online reporting platform, hotline number, via e-mail, or post office box, you will receive a unique reference (ticket number). You can access or return to the online incident report platform by accessing your account, or by creating a new account to follow up on your ticket number. Through this account you may communicate any new, or missed information for further follow-up. Read the Confidentiality section should you have questions regarding the topic.

We strongly suggest that you check the site from time to time for an update. Updates are subject to the receipt of updates from the organisation impacted by the incident report.

An EthixRisk Services representative may contact you for clarifications, updates, or follow-up, depending on the incident status. The information provided by you during the registration process will be used for this purpose only.

No personal information (if made known) will be shared with the organisation impacted, unless agreed to in writing (in advance) with the incident reporter. The disclosed information will be shared with the impacted organisation (authorised recipient), aimed at providing opportunity to the organisation to investigate and respond. Through reporting, you and EthixRisk Services have entered into a dialogue where situations are not only identified but can be resolved by your organisation with due consideration to anonymity, confidentiality and non-retaliation requirements as published vide the Protected Disclosures Act, Act no. 26 of 2000.