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Incident Reporting

Thank you for using our online incident reporting platform. Please read the knowledge sections listed in the index section before submitting your incident report.

Select the open a new ticket tab to register your concern, or follow any of the below listed reporting methods.

Knowledge Base

Please read the other resources content before submitting your incident report. The knowledge base provides some insights into whistle-blowing protection as well as your rights as employee and/or employer.


All reporting via our e-mail, and other reporting platforms are dealt with in a confidential manner by independent investigative consultants employed by EthixRisk Services (Pty) Ltd. Your confidentiality will be protected as prescribed by the laws of South Africa, including but not limited to: The King IV report on Corporate Governance, The Protected Disclosures Act, 26 of 2000, and the Companies Act, 71, of 2008.

When completing your incident report you will be requested to provide an e-mail address and full names. These are compulsory fields, yet in the event that you may want to remain anonymous, you may complete these two fields by noting the words "Anonymous" in both the e-mail and full name sections. 

Note that you will not be able to follow-up on progress, and will receive no feedback, and assessors will not be able to contact you to follow-up or obtain additional information in the event that you select the anonymous option in both these sections. 


All incident reporting should be made with due consideration to the limitations and / or benefits associated with disclosed identity and / or anonymous reporting. Read more about the benefits and limitations

Reported incidents are shared only with authorized persons within your organisation. 

Conflicts of Interest:

If you are concerned that a specific person, or group of individuals may negatively influence an outcome, or may suppress evidence or testimony, please note this in the relevant section of the reporting form.

Contact Information: Other Reporting Methods (English Only):

Incident reporting line (24/7):

+27 83 525 2845

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 1379, Krugersdorp, 1740

Incident Fax No.:



WhatsApp Call:

+27 83 525 2845

On site box:

Place your incident report in the on-site
reporting box if available within your organisation.